Be a Parent

What is it with parents not being parents these days? Can’t wound little Johnny, oh no – he might grow up to be a serial killer and blame Mum for it. Pfft, whatever. Being a pushover is just giving your child permission to walk all over you and get what they want. They grow up expecting everyone will give them whatever they want and don’t know how to deal with it when they’re told no. Then when you do finally grow a pair and say no, they whine and whine expecting you to give in (and you usually do).

So this Mum comes in with her two kids, a girl and a boy. Boy is about 7 or 8 years old – wants a Grand Theft Auto game. Mum says no – and rightly so. Kid whines and whines and whines. Mum asks if we have any GTA games that are rated “T”. Holding back my laughter I say no and that they’re made for a more mature audience. I come over and try to help out, recommending a bunch of more suitable titles that include racing/driving around and such. Kid whines a no to everything, sometimes refusing to even look at the game. Mum gives up, I give up and take up residence behind the counter again.

Mum and older daughter (who bemoans brothers behavoir) spend the next fourty minutes wandering around the store, totally ignoring the boy who whines for GTA. Why the hell are you putting up with that? You’re not teaching him anything. She didn’t give into him, thank God, but if I pulled that shit when I was a kid my mum would have given me 2 minutes to pick something else or we would have left the store – and I’d have gotten nothing.

Why the hell do parents let their kids whine and moan and have fits whilst they wander around completely ignoring it. Maybe you’re taking the advice from SuperNanny a little too seriously or not the way it’s intended, but this is definitely not the way to deal with your children. Do you think I enjoy standing there waiting for your little darling to make up his mind on a more age-appropriate title?